Protest at Chevron's Annual Shareholder Meeting


must stop undermining



must invest in renewable energy

not dirty crude


must stop attacking its critics

and violating First Amendment rights


must clean up

its toxic messes


must stop putting

our children's health at risk

Video from the protest
at Chevron's HQ in San Ramon, CA

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What are the true costs of Chevron's operations around the globe?

Chevron's corporate actions are contrary to a healthy planet, healthy communities and a just world. We stand opposed to Chevron's choices to pollute our communities, our land, and our water, to use their toxic influence to buy political power, fuel climate disruption, abuse the justice system and attack its critics and victims of its contamination. Join us on May 27th at Chevron's Annual Shareholder meeting as we take our demands to Chevron's doorstep and stand in solidarity with shareholders calling for a change in Chevron’s culture of deception, corruption and destruction.

Human rights and environmental organizations protesting at Chevron's Annual Shareholder Meeting