Alec Baldwin: Chevron is the Harvey Weinstein of petroleum companies

In this powerful message to Chevron's annual meeting on May 27, 2020, actor Alec Baldwin details the reasons why Chevron’s controversial RICO victory against human rights lawyer Steven Donziger does not protect it from liability in Ecuador, and observed that pinning the company’s financial well-being on the luck of a single discredited judge is an irresponsible way to manage the company. He likened the strategy to Harvey Weinstein’s failed efforts to escape justice, stating:

“Harvey Weinstein thought that through intimidation and litigation he could avoid justice, but he now sits in jail. Chevron seems like the Harvey Weinstein of petroleum companies, and shareholders should be terribly concerned about a corporate strategy that appears to depend on luck not running out.”

Baldwin presents shareholder proposal #10 "Independent Board Chair", which Newground filed on behalf of clients who own Chevron stock.