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I stand with communities across the globe to denounce @Chevron’s acts of environmental destruction and human rights violations. #AntiChevron #TrueCostOfChevron

.@Chevron deliberately dumped 16 billion gallons of toxic oil waste into the Ecuadorian Amazon, lost a $9.5 billion lawsuit yet refuses to pay to clean it up! #AntiChevron #TrueCostOfChevron #ChevronToxico

.@Chevron keeps filing lawsuit after lawsuit to silence anybody who speaks out against its unethical, harmful environmental practices. The U.S. courts are letting this happen. If we want to protect Richmond, Ecuador, and countless others, we need to act now. #ProtectTheProtest

When a Chevron natural gas well exploded in PA, killing one worker and injuring another? @Chevron “offered a token of appreciation” to neighbors who were affected by the event: ONE free Pizza. Thanks Chevron. #AntiChevron #TrueCostOfChevron #ChevronToxico

Chevron is the largest greenhouse gas emitting private company in history and continues to fight against international commitments to curb emissions. @Chevron should commit to the Paris Agreement’s goal of net zero by 2050. #AntiChevron #TrueCostOfChevron